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I once read ‘If you think it’s expensive to hire a Professional, wait ‘till you hire an amateur’!

All LDP Instructors have pupil’s best interests at heart. Advice offered is always given after careful consideration of the needs of each pupil and we work hard with our valued pupils to ensure their success in passing.

LDP has chosen not to offer Intensive Courses. While this approach to learning works for some, there is immense pressure on pupils to learn, quickly and accurately, each skill to the Standard required to pass. We believe that learning over a longer period is better as each pupil has time to learn, practice and hone skills to a higher standard. Learning to drive is not a race. As most driver’s will hold their licences for many decades, it is vital that the foundations for safe driving are given time to be learned.


Each LDP Instructor is free to set their own working hours and the length, and frequency of lessons offered. In every case, guidance is given to the individual pupil on the best approach for them. We are flexible in our approach to lesson planning.

Lots of people ask, ‘how many lessons will I need’? very difficult to answer until their learning pattern becomes known. We keep watch on this and find, through our experience, that the average number of lessons from start to Test ready is about 35 hours, or around four months. Some achieve the Standard in fewer hours, while some need more time. Its far better where a pupil can also have extra driving practice between lessons with us.

We have a Special Course available for qualified drivers who will be supervising the driving practice of others. The prospect of doing this can fill the most confident driver with terror! We can help you with guidance on how to act in the car, what to look for and how to deal with inevitable mistakes.

A very popular course is to conduct Refresher Lessons for full licence holders who may have not driven for many years. We offer confidence boosting lessons, tailored to the type of driving which will normally be used.